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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  July 14, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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at the top of the hour: left-hand side of your picture there, the sunlight reflecting back on the western side of the world trade center. off the water or off the harbor place or someplace. sharon is having a pleasant day in wjz traffic control. marty is having a pleasant one at the weather center. >> it is nine degrees cooler right now than at this time yesterday morning. humidity feels like it's down by 3,400%. going to be a great day. 67. 82 at lunch, 83 at dinner. >> we are just hearing our first
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accident of the morning, we're hearing about it at pulaski highway. we'll try to get you more information on that. meantime, the only other problem we have right now, art scape closures this weekend. west mount royal avenue in howard. closed between north and charles. other streets affected. charles cathedral, preston, howard and oliver. 54 and 53 miles per hour on the top and west sides of the beltway. there's a look at the harrisburg expressway. no problems on the north or southbound lanes. everything looking good on 95, south of 100. wjz13 is always on. for traffic information any time, log onto here's what people will be talking about today. mark bidet has been stripped of his license to practice in the
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state of maryland. >> reporter: dr. mark bidet blasted by the board of physicians. the board called bidet's violations repeated, serious and indefensible. in 2009, he came under intense scrutiny after a review found more than 500 of his patients at st. joseph medical center may have received unnecessary stints, tiny devices to open blocked arteries. >> it just doesn't seem right. >> dr. bidet said i had a 90% blockage. whoever did the subsequent readings said i was less than 50% blocked. so, i just said to him "how do you know who's right?" >> reporter: maryland board of fissioned found that dr. bidet planted unnecessary stints in four of five patients.
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he violated the standards of quality care. for his part, dr. bidet has all along denied any wrong doing. >> what i did was what anyone in my family would have wanted. they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for their well-being. >> reporter: steven snyder tells our media partner, the decision is a disappointment, adding that the community receives a disservice by him not being able to continue to save lives. >> bidet and his attorneys have a 30 days to file an appeal. >> several patients have filed lawsuits against dr. bidet. he sams he was falsely accused of wrong doing. an accident claims the life of a toddler. it happened last night in the
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2700 block of the alameda. a 2-year-old was thrown from that car. the cause of the crash was still under investigation. new information coming to light about the abduction of an 8-year-old from west baltimore earlier this week. good morning, andrea. >> good morning, everyone. police were able to track a cell phone allegedly used to make a ransom call. one of the accused kidnappers is still on the loose. charging documents reveal through a witness account that raheem taylor was behind the mastermind to abduct derrick brown. . >> it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: the kidnappers left derrick in an abandoned house on lyndhurst street, blocks away from his home where he was grabbed monday night. police have centered their search on another block. it's the home of nathaniel
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booker, who's already been arrested. booker used his phone to make a republicans yom call. police tracked the signal to his house. booker told police he wasn't supposed to be involved in the plot. taylor asked him to call derrick's dad when something went wrong. investigators questioned the father about those calls in which kidnappers demanded $500 in cash. >> we don't feel like they arbitrarily picked a little kid off the streets and somehow got in contact with his family. >> reporter: police are still looking for raheem taylor this morning and say more people may be involved in this plot. don, back to you. >> derrick says he was abducted from the sidewalk when he bent down to tie his shoe. a city council woman facing bribery and perjury charges, the court isn't saying she's innocent, just that prosecutors have no basis on which to charge her. police in macon, georgia are
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offering a $12,000 reward in the murder of lauren gettings. . the agency charged with keeping you safe when you fly is under fire for tens of thousands of breeches of security over the past decade. >> reporter: security is lacking at u.s. airports across the country. that's the troubling reality, according to the house subcommittee on national security. the panel made the announcement after reviewing the government's own data on security breeches and says u.s. airports are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> we have to be right all the time. terrorists only have to get lucky once. >> reporter: there have been 25,000 security breeches since november 2001, roughly five breeches a year at each of the nation's 457 airports. in december last year,
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16-year-old delvonte tisdale snuck inside the wheel well of a boeing 737. his mangled body was found in a boston suburb. >> definitely troubling, it'll take time. >> the reported number of security breaches is misleading. the agency argues it represents a small fraction of the 5.5 billion people screened since the 9/11 attacks. >> stay ahead of the terrorist threat. >> reporter: there are also example of effective security. last week a tsa officer discovered 13 knives in the carry on luggage of a man trying to board a flight at bwi international airport. that man was arrested. a stun gun was found inside the seat back of a plane. there's still a lot of work to be done. with billions of passengers,
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these breeches amount to less than 1% of all the screenings there's a new plan to deal with the oil spill in montana's yellowstone river. vacuum trucks will suck the remaining oil spilled from the pipeline, preventing it from polluting the river more when they dismantle it. the cause of the pipe failure remains under investigation. rupert murdock will not be the next owner of british sky broadcasting. investigation into the phone hacking is currently underway in great britain, in the u.s. two democratic senators are calling for investigation into the company's conduct here. a bid to take over the bankrupt bookstore borders has been rejected. they need more information before accepting an offer.
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borders may be nearing liquidation, going the same as as chains like circuit city and linens 'n things. nfl's great wide receiver michael irvin is cheerleading a different topic. same sex marriage. expressing his support for an issue that has impacted him personally because his brother is gay. he says he's gotten some heat for that photo shoot. >> i get guys even when i step in here. what? >> that's equality for everybody. >> irvin says if a current nfl player were gay, he could only imagine the torture of feeling like he had to keep that a secret. the u.s. women's soccer team is preparing for the world cup final. two second half goals, including
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another header from abby womba helped secure another win. this is the women's first appearance in the world cup final in more than a decade. the new york yankees fan who caught and handed over derek jeter's 3,000th hit will be featured on a tops baseball card for that decision. the ball may be worth up to a quarter of a million dollars. the big story, a lot of, a story getting a lot of buzz on social media. this could cost him anywhere between 5 and $13,000 to the irs. it's a gift worth value. just like on the price is right, whoever wins that showcase, or for that matter, if you win a toaster oven, conservationally
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speaking, you owe tax money on it. >> you pay it before you leave the building. >> that wouldn't be a bad thing. >> people are going "the guy did the right thing" and it's costing him. call frankenstein brenner. i'd call him up and say "i'm rescinding the offer, here's your tickets, no chance." every usher knows your face. still free to walk in. i did help him get around that if i owned the yankees. all our friends at the irs, the most efficient government agency. they don't waste any of your tax dollars. >> let's take a look at a graphic here. it is absolutely gorgeous.
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66 degrees right now. this day's going to be sunny. 82 at lunch. on its way to a high of 85. very pleasant this evening. upper 60s now. ten degrees cooler. ronny's outside, you can attest to the fact it's a great start. >> this is the kind of day you have to get out and enjoy. >> you know what? i'm noticing the raven to your, to your right. >> reporter: right. >> today isn't a ten, it's a 52. >> reporter: there you go. ha ha ha! >> we're live at the maryland zoo in baltimore. we'll tell you all about ravens rookies breakfast coming up when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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carol, thanks for the beauty shot, you can get this effect with a lens called the star filter. we're not using a star filter this morning. that's the way it's coming. two moons ago, the dew point was 72. 63 hagerstown. 72 pax river and ocean city. the district now, 69. annapolis and kent island 72. barometer's rising, 29.90. look at this big dome of high pressure. there's your weather for the next five days. ultimately, the high will slip
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on down to the south. be in the low to mid-90s. we move into next week. but today, tomorrow, through the weekend, excelseore. many people in the upper 50s tomorrow. high temperature, still 85, normal. 87, 88 degrees. we stay at normal as we move through the weekend. 88 and 87. there's the low to mid-90s with sun. monday and tuesday, great 5-day forecast. the rush right now from sharon. >> reporter: two problems to report, both are accident, one eastbound of the beltway, just approaching route 40. pulaski highway. the second wreck is in hunt valley, beaver dam road. if you're headed out on the beltway, fortunately no delays there just yet. there's a live look outside at the beltway. everything running smoothly on
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all your major roadways. there's a look at 83 north of the beltway. this traffic report's brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward, back to you. you know what i'm struck by? every time i see one of the real ravens. we've got a great logo. we're not a national, you know, we may not even be a regions team. you know, when i say regional, i'm not too sure people in norfolk are watching the ravens. when i say local, i'm talking anywhere from cumberland, you know, to the atlantic ocean. we've got a great logo. when you see that actual bird, you realize, that's a pretty stiff piece. we haven't gotten some wallflower for a mascot. how's it going, dude? >> reporter: it's going great. i have a bee in the house.
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>> heather, we're going to start with you. good to see you. >> good to see you too. it's this weekend. a perfect example of how great our partnership is with the baltimore zoo. you get to meet rise and conquer up close and personal. you get to meet our cheerleaders and you get breakfast at the zoo and a ticket to the zoo. >> reporter: 8:00 to 11:30. >> when you want it. >> reporter: that's what we like. amy, always good to see you. >> thanks for coming out. >> reporter: our pleasure. how are you doing this morning? >> just a little excited this morning. >> reporter: we were talking about that, getting up early. not the norm for these birds. >> if they were out in the wild, they're pretty soft, they're pretty catered to. get up around 8:30 when we give them breakfast. when i went in at 5:30 this
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morning, they were like "what are you doing here?" they love the kids and the action, that's why they do so well in the field, they love people up close, a lot of interaction, a lot of things going on. >> what does rise eat for breakfast? >> he had meatballs this morning. on the field, we give them cat chow, high protein, low fat, travels nicely in their pockets. we did that at first-- >> we did that up at 540. >> yours are cooked, ours are raw.
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>> always good to see you, thank you for coming out. always good to see you. >> i have a request. >> as you wrap up, can we have carol zoom into rise, request audio -- go ahead and sign off. this will make our day. >> don and marty, have a great day. back to you on tv hill. >> there you go. it works! >> it just works! >> don, thanks a lot. >> reporter: have a great one.
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next up this morning on wjz: >> reporter: a gruesome murder, a bizarre person of interest. that story coming up next. good morning, live outside city police headquarters, right from the scene out of csi. investigators released new information about how they tracked down an alleged kidnapper of an 8-year-old boy. that's ahead. negotiations get heated over the debt limit, but still no deal. i'm joel brown in warranty, the latest coming up. sharon here with wjz traffic control. if you're just about to head out, two accidents on the roads. let's send it over to marty. beyonce's mom tina knoll joins us on call. there's an initiative now to keep kids healthy and educated. it's helping kids in baltimore.
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details coming up: 6:45. the morning dish returns after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30. it is a very pleasant day start to be followed by a very pleasant summer day apparently. sharon's watching traffic. marty's at first warning weather. >> take a look at numbers. that could be the kiss of death. it is 10 degrees cooler this morning than at this time yesterday and the humidity is now what feels like 15,000%. it is going to be sunny through the day. 82 on its way to a high of 85. normal 87, 88. 83 this evening, is going to be absolutely pleasant. living large. don, take it away. no guarantees, but plenty of guidance from sharon gibala at
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wjz traffic control. >> two accidents working, neither causing problems. one on the inner loop, pulaski highway, approaching route 40 there. east side of the beltway. second accident, hunt valley, beaver dam road. vehicle fire reported. otherwise, if you're headed out on the beltway, everything's still at full speed on the top side. 95 southbound at 32. everything looking good there. no issues on the northwest side with the exception of a little sun glare there at green spring avenue. this traffic report's brought to you by your toyota dealer. quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. back to you. thank you, the top of the news this half hour, a law student from howard county murder instead macon, georgia. there's a reward being offered for information down south. 27-year-old lauren getting's killer is still out there.
6:32 am
the appleton high graduate was viciously murdered in georgia. they found her dismembered body in a trash can outside her apartment. >> we'd like to find out where the rest of her is located. >> reporter: giddings family is desperate for answers. >> this is such a gruesome case that's very hard to deal with. >> reporter: so far police have named one person of interest. giddings 25-year-old neighbor and classmate steven mcdaniels. when giddings first went missing, he told reporters he looked for her. >> no sign of a struggle, no sign that no one broke in, she was just gone. all of her stuff was there. >> her family just saw giddings here less than two weeks before
6:33 am
her body was found. she was in town as the made of honor for her sister's wedding. >> it's unbelievable. how can you process something that you can't believe in your head? >> reporter: the fbi is evaluating everything that came out of steven mcdaniel's house. the macon police department is offering a $12,000 reward leading for information to an arrest and conviction. a hate crime under investigation this morning. 20 people woke up to find their cars vandalized in silver springs. >> i didn't go to work today. it's just not really fair. >> i thought it was only me, until i woke up and found out it's the whole neighborhood. >> damage estimated at $20,000. if the vandals are caught and convicted of a hate crime, they face up to 10 years in prison.
6:34 am
tracked through a cell phone, this morning we're learning how city police ended a kidnapping of an 8-year-old in west baltimore this week. wjz and andrea fujii outside of police headquarters. >> police on the trail of accused kidnappers. one of them made a ransom call. >> charging documents reveal that raheem taylor was likely the mastermind behind the scheme to abduct 8-year-old eric brown. wjz has learned police centered their search on another house in the same block, sending in a swat team. investigators say it's the home
6:35 am
of nathaniel booker, who's already been arrested. booker used his phone to make a ransom call. he said he wasn't supposed to be involved in the plot. investigators questioned the father about those calls in which the kidnappers demanded at least $500 in cash. >> we don't feel like, they just arbitrarily picked a little kid off the streets and somehow got in contact with his family. >> this morning, police are still looking for 21-year-old raheem taylor. they're hoping anyone with information will call police. >> police say they're also investigating the possibility that two men were involved in that plot. former first lady betty ford is back in grand rapids michigan this morning. she'll be laid to rest there next to her husband at the gerald ford presidential museum. ford died friday at the age of
6:36 am
93. a man has been arrested for the murder of an 8-year-old from brooklyn new york. police say they have a confession and there's no evidence of sexual abuse. a motive for the killing remains unknown at this point. news has sent overseas markets down. here's joel brown reporting for wjz. it's all because of that fight to raise the debt limit. >> reporter: president obama will sit down with republicans again today after a contentious meeting on wednesday. aids close to the debt ceiling negotiations say when house majority leader eric cantor pressed for a short-term deal, the president said enough is enough. we have to be willing to compromise and then ended the
6:37 am
meeting. lawmakers have less than three weeks to get a deal done. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says if the debt limit isn't raised by august 2nd. >> there'd have to be significant cuts in social security, medicare, military pay or some accommodation of those. >> some republicans believe the obama administration is using scare tactics to pressure the gop. >> president obama, quit lying. you know full well that there's plenty of money to pay off our debt. >> reporter: some republicans are threatening to let the nation go into default if more spending cuts aren't made. leaders within the gop think that plan could back fire. mitch mcconnell says the debt limit needs to be raised. >> failure to raise the debt limit will probably ensure the president's re-election next year. today, plans for a new phillips restaurant at the inner harbor will be revealed. it's going to be at the power
6:38 am
plant. it'll move from its existing location to the spot vacant by the espn zone closed last summer. the architectural review board will look over the new design which will include exterior changes and improvements. the 2011 espy awards were full of big names last night and big laughs, thanks to the host seth meyers. >> aaron rogers who won the super bowl and finally got out of the shadow of brett favre, which we learned, thanks to cell phone technology, isn't as big a shadow as we thought. >> dirk nowitzki picked up a pair of trophies. lindsey vonn won for the second year in a row. the orioles will begin the second half of their season tonight hoping for a win with the cleveland indians in town. you can see sunday's afternoon
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day right here at wjz15 at 1:30. the washington redskins say 8,000 solar power panels will be placed around fedex field and in the parking lot to provide a portion of that facility's electricity. they'll provide cover for fans tailgating during increment weather. interesting. >> yeah it is. why not? mm-hmm. to be quite honest about the deal, sits out there in the open. dan snyder will figure out a way to charge fans anyway. we have a great show. check this out. first up, beautiful morning. we started watching this cruise ship come under the key bridge what? about an hour ago? not a bad thing. look how clear it is. >> yeah. >> i'm looking off there into the distance. you can almost read graffiti on
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the buildings in the background. coming up on coffee with: beyonce's mom, tina knowles will be joining us. she has a big push with wal-mart. local kids here in baltimore get a hot meal, summer jobs and help with school. tackling a big issue here. tina knowles coming up next. we've got first morning weather. how long will this great run last? we'll have the answer when we there's only two things i love more than herding cattle that's beans and sports. and thanks to the "watchespn" app i'm always connected to live games, and my favorite espn shows. the only predicament is: deciding what to put on
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live look at oil park. they start the second half of their season. sunday afternoon, live right here, wjz 13. during this home stand. masn and the orioles could use your help. take along some non-perishable food items and extra cash. added to the games this weekend. the oriole food drive benefiting the maryland food bank.
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tomorrow night i'll be there. sunday afternoon, it's denise, mary, jessica, stan, weija and mike helmgren. let's talk weather here. 66 degrees now, 60% humidity. look at the dew point difference here from the 72 dew point of noon, two days ago, to 52. distance between these numbers tells you how comfortable it is. there's north, northeast breeze at 8. barometer 29.97. ten degrees cooler than at this time yesterday morning. the actual feel of the area, given the dew point, feels like there's 4,000% less humidity. mid-50s oakland. upper 50s cumberland. 62 easton. 72 pax river and ocean city.
6:45 am
72 in kent island. 66 columbia. low 60s, westminster and bel air. rock hall, almost 70 in the district. big dome of high pressure. that's going to lock your weather in place for the next five days. ultimately it slides down to the south. comes a heat pump. not going to be until we move into next week. the normal day time highs, 87. today we're going tomorrow a high of 85. overnight, temperatures, many of us in the upper 50s. clear moonlit sky. full moon. tomorrow, 85, mostly sunny. very, very nice. we'll keep it at 87 saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday with sun. 92 and 94 degrees. don, take it away. >> sharon gibala, wjz traffic control. >> not so bad on the morning roads this morning. few minor issues. one, accident on the inner loop approaching pulaski highway. not causing any delays though. another accident to report in hunt valley. beaver dam road.
6:46 am
vehicle fire reported with that one. still no delays on the major roadways, 54 miles per hour. everything looking good, if you're headed out on the west side at baltimore national pike. you'll find quality cars and trucks. first time you'll save more on the long run. back to you, don and marty. coffee with tina knowles. satellite interview furnished by wal-mart. >> how are you today? >> i'm great, how are you guys? >> we're doing okay. not all bad at all. >> well good. i'm excited about the programs and the initiatives going on. wal-mart is giving $25 million
6:47 am
for kids this summer. to provide hot meals for kids. some kids only get one meal in school for summertime. they'll provide this program, providing meals for them. for middle school kids, a learning program, it's a crucial time before you go to high school. last, but not least, a job program for our teenagers. all parents are excited about that. also, the let's move campaign, an initiative to get kids up and moving. it's a lot of healthy exciting things for our kids. >> you have the big name sponsor providing the money. how does the money translate into meals for let's say, children in baltimore? >> at the ymca. they'll be providing parks and recreations, all across the country. they can go and have these meals and get tutoring and the job
6:48 am
programs across the country. it's a really exciting initiative. >> very good. >> here's what's interesting about it. as adults, we've made our own bed to lay in, i'm sorry if that sounds hard, it is what it is, the fact that there are so many kids, right now, in need, is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of this country. beyond belief. >> it really is. >> it goes beyond, it goes beyond any politics. this is a, this is a civilization issue. it falls on everybody's shoulders. there's guilt all around. >> well hopefully programs like this will make a difference. and there are free programs in every city for kids to get involved in. it falls on the parents to research and find these programs. most churches offer them. my church offers a free summer
6:49 am
program. we feed the kids and give them activities. so you have to do a little research and find the resources available to you an your city. >> you know what's really cool about talking to you, doing this? you have taken beyonce's fame, if you will, and you have been able to use it to your interest and i think that's really cool. you know, it's like i just said, you can raise a child, you can move them forward, but at some point they're on their own. now you're left standing there an empty nester if you will. you've taken the initiative. you're really cool. >> well, thank you. >> it's true. >> not everybody in your position does give back at this level. >> well i, i have, you know, before beyonce even started her career, i've always had my career and i've always made it a
6:50 am
part of my life to give back, to be active in my church and community. it's not something that's come about, it's helped to get attention to it, but i've always been a part of some type of organization that gave back.'s just a part of my life. >> i trust you pass that onto your daughter. >> yes, absolutely. >> there you go. what church do you go to? >> st. johns in houston, texas. we feed over 40,000 meals a month. >> wow! >> to homeless people and we have a drug program and my family has built a center for children there. the knowles roland center for youth and also news knolls
6:51 am
knowles seminar house. >> we're proud, we're proud of you and everybody you're hanging out with. there's the let's move website by the way. find out all the information from there. tina, thanks for bringing us inside, letting us look inside what you're doing on a day-to-day basis. thank wal-mart for helping out daily, we appreciate that. >> i will, thank you don and marty. >> you got it. >> very good indeed. >> you can see where beyonce got her looks. let's go ahead and take a break, come right back. first morning weather. wjz traffic control ri,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
six minutes before 7:00. >> this traffic tells a story this morning. 85, sunny, not as hot, lower humidity. that's an understatement. send it over to sharon gibala. wjz traffic control. not quite as good as the weather today. not a bad morning commute. we have a new medical capital on 95 northbound at the beltway. east side, inner loop, we have an accident approaching pulaski highway. beaver dam road, mccormick road. could take a while to clear up. there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. starting to look at minor delays on the west side. 37 miles an hour on the outer loop. there's a live look at that delay. that's the outer loop coming towards us.
6:55 am
this traffic report's brought to you by paramount pest control. call home paramount pest control. new information's coming to light this morning about the abduction of an 8-year-old in west baltimore. monday night, derrick brown was taken and kept in an abandoned house overnight. nathaniel booker used his cell phone to make a call about a ransom. police traced it and he was arrested. raheem taylor was likely the one who thought up the scheme, he's still on the loose. brown was found safe on tuesday morning. montgomery county police are investigating a string of vandalism which left 20 cars damaged. some with graffiti-contained hate speech which could make it a hate crime. an accident claims the life of a toddler overnight. a 2-year-old was thrown from that car after it crashed into a tree. what caused it to go into that tree is still under investigation. a city council woman is
6:56 am
facing bribery and perjury charges, appears to be in the clear once again. the court isn't saying she's innocent, just that prosecutors have no basis on which to charge her. new lighting has been installed around the light rail stop in lincecum. police have been voicing their concerns about rider safety after a man was attacked there in february. more surveillance cameras have been installed in and around that stop. >> stay with maryland's news station, still ahead for you this morning. as you look live at the capital dome in washington, d.c., the debt ceiling deadlock. the president ended yesterday's meeting early. is there hope for a compromise any time soon? and how could that impact social security payments for next month? also, just ahead, the latest on the hacking scandal across the pond in the united kingdom. a former deputy editor of the news of the world is under
6:57 am
arrest. and rupert murdock has abandoned
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